When your stock arrives at the warehouse

When your stock arrives at the warehouse

When it arrives

When we receive your pallet or consignment box, we take the following steps:

  1. Quality Check – We scan the consignment label to identify consignment and its contents and assess the condition of the stock. If we find any damage, it will be placed in On Hold Inventory and you will be contacted to review.

  2. Check in – We assess the expected stock box count in the consignment.  If we have to correct any discrepancies with the consignment, extra time may be charged.   If the stock box or product labels are missing, we will spend time printing and applying them. 

  3. Place Box – If more pickable stock is needed, some or all stock boxes from the consignment will be placed on shelves.

  4. Place Pallet – If the consignment was a pallet, and still contains some or all stock boxes, we will place it in pallet storage.

Pick from Pallet

Because stock comes in all shapes and sizes, our algorithm decides the most efficient and cost-effective way of storing and picking your stock.


Your stock will either be picked from shelves which are replenished from pallets, or be picked directly from pallets.

Your stock will qualify to be picked from pallet if: 

  1. Your item is large or heavy (over 21,250cmᶾ or 5kg)

  2. Your stock boxes contain 1 item (i.e. loose on pallet)

  3. Your stock box will not fit on our shelves


Labelling is a very important step to assure your stock gets in efficiently.  Our warehouse staff have the ability to print and apply stock box labels (non-GTIN) and product labels (non-EAN) for you, a service you can select during upload of your consignment.  This will attract additional processing costs.