What is Return Robin?

Returns That Fly Back with Ease!

Return Robin is a comprehensive return and reverse logistics solution that helps businesses manage their returns efficiently and improve the customer experience. With flexible return options (home collection and drop-off), and real-time tracking, Return Robin provides an off-the-shelf, hassle-free, and seamless returns experience for retailers and their customers.

As a retailer, you will have your very own portal to view and monitor your returns activity. This can be connected to your Selazar portal if we are also your fulfilment partner. 

Your customers will have their own individual account to make, view, and amend their returns. 

Retailers choose Return Robin so they can:

  • Streamline their Returns Process: Our platform simplifies returns, enabling businesses to handle and process customer returns more efficiently
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Businesses can save on return shipping and logistical expenses by leveraging our home collection and drop-off network
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Providing a seamless and convenient returns experience will help businesses build customer loyalty and a positive brand reputation

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Return Robin can help you streamline your returns process and drive business success. 

Below is a brief snapshot of what the customer will have to do:

To use a Drop-off Point -

RR Trial_Drop Off Banner

To use the Home Collection service -

RR Trial_Home Collection Banner (1)

Our returns service is fully tracked, and your customers are kept up to date regarding the progress of their returns via emails and SMS messages. They can also monitor the progress of their returns online through their own portal.

As well as the Return Robin portals we've created detailed guidance for Retailers and for our Retailer's Customers, and have a dedicated Care Team ready to help at any stage. 

To enable your customers to use Return Robin for their returns, you need to register as a Retailer with Return Robin