When you are using a new platform for the first time, there are so many terms to learn.  To make things simpler, here is a handy table of definitions to help you on your way.

Batch Number This is used for grouping items that were made together, which means that if a product needs to be recalled you can limit this to only a specific batch rather than every instance of that ITEM.
Bulk Order
This is used when you need to send large amounts of stock to businesses rather than consumers. You can use our Bulk Order Wizard. This allows you to create orders with lots of products that you want sent to a single location.
A group of complimentary products on the platform created to match what is on your store.  Create your own bundle using our bundle wizard.
Commodity Code
This is a numeric code used to represent the type of good being added.  If you do not know what code your item comes under this can be found on the Gov.uk website [Code Finder]. 
A batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
Consignment Label
This identifies one pallet or consignment box, and the contents within.
CSV (Comma-separated values)
 A comma separated values file is a plain text file that contains a list of data which allows data to be saved in a tabular format. Each line of the file is a data record. Each record consists of one or more fields, separated by commas.
EAN (European Article Number)
EANs are a product identifier, unique to each product.
Expiry Date 
Normally we endeavor to use a First In First Out (FIFO) system.  If the ITEM has a limited shelf life, we will instead send out items with the earliest expiration date first.  If the item has no expiry date, please leave this field blank.
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
GTINs are typically 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits long, and are a stock box identifier, unique to what product and quantity is in the stock box.
This is what you send in to the Selazar warehouse for us to use for order fulfilment. An inventory consignment can consist of a mix of products and stock boxes.
Inventory Upload CSV
Each Inventory Upload CSV should represent either one pallet or one consignment box of items as a consignment.
ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
ISBNs are a unique product identifier for books.
Item label or EAN label/barcode
This identifies the unique product.
The box that a SINGLE item is packed in.
JAN (Japan Article Number)
Not currently used.
MPN (Manufacturer Part Number)
Not currently used.
Order Upload CSV
Order Uploads can contain multiple orders, with multiple items at a time.
Pick and Pack
The process of taking an item from a warehouse location and placing it within an outbound box to be sent to a customer.
Pick from Pallet (PFP)
Your stock will qualify to be stored and picked from pallet if the items are over a certain size or weight, if there is 1 item per stock box (or “loose”), or if the stock box will not fit onto our shelves.
Product Upload CSV
This allows you to bulk upload Products. Each row in the CSV represents a specific SKU of an item. The EAN or SUID is used as the primary identifier for your items, you can upload multiple SKUs using the same EAN.
Product Identifier
This is the EAN or SUID of the product in the order or Inventory upload, this must match with the EAN or SUID of a product already listed under your "Products".
From where the inventory is being sold, accepted values: "EU", "NA", & "JP".
Self-Fulfilled Package (SFP)
If the B2C or B2B order needs a courier service to be arranged outside of the system / manually, SFP should be selected. For any order marked SFP, you will need to arrange shipping with our customer service team.
Single Box Consignment 
A single shipping box containing Stock Boxes of Items.
Single Pallet Consignment
A single pallet containing Stock Boxes of Items.
Shipping Reference
This field is for your own personal referencing.
The box that STOCK boxes are sent to the distribution center in.
An ecommerce platform that allows anyone to setup an online store and sell products.
SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit)
SKUs are used for multiple variations of an item that share the same EAN or SUID, for example different coloured variants of the same product.
Special Requirements Form
This form is completed for custom services such as pre-packaging products or custom relabeling jobs.  For bundles without custom pre-packaging, you can use the bundles wizard.
Stock box ID
These are Selazar stock box identifiers that can be used if your stock box does not have a GTIN.
Stock box label or GTIN label
This identifies what product is in the stock box and how many. Stock box labels are generated by our system when you create an Inventory Upload.
Stock Count
This is the total number of items of that product being shipped and should be equal to the number of STOCK boxes multiplied by the number of ITEMS per STOCK box.
The box that ITEMS are packed into, this is what will be on the shelf. Each stock box should only consist of one type of product, and should not have a mix of products.
SUID (Selazar Unique ID)
SUIDs are Selazar unique IDs and barcodes, used and applied to the product if it does not have an EAN.
Unique Retailer OrderID
This is a unique identifier for the order, all rows with the same UROID will be considered part of the same order.  The UROID is decided by you and/or any automated system you already use.
Ecommerce plugin for a Wordpress site that allows you to have an online store.
UPC (Universal Product Code)
Not currently used.