There are several ways to contact us depending on what you need.

By phone we are available at least 5 days a week, standard working hours (9AM to 5 PM)

Response by the phone may not be possible outside of these times.

By Email we try to ensure a response within 1 working day, if it is outside of working hours this may take until the next day.


The support site has a integrated chat, acceptable through this icon in the bottom right:

An AI powered bot also serves this chat if there is no-one available, such as out of working hours, this can provide links to help with the issues you may have.

From here there are 4 options:


For those interested in joining the Selazar platform the sales team is available to provide information about the site or, help walk you through joining the platform.     


Phone: 0203 9507 4565                                                        


Provides help if you have an issue or inquiry about an invoice you have received or pricing in general.


Technical Support:

For any issues with, or queries about how to use, the platform. 


Phone: 020 8004 0585

Customer Service:

Provides general support for anything not covered by the other categories or if you are unsure who to contact.


Phone: 020 3950 7860

For any issue with orders, such as Tacking issues, damaged good, the wrong goods etc,