Before stock can be sent to us it must be correctly prepared.

It is important that all items have a barcode.

However, for items that do not have a barcode this can be generated by Selazar as a Selazar Unique ID. 

To do this, you will have to select "Item has no Barcode" when adding your product.  For information on how to add products please see Adding Products.

Then you will need to make a stock consignment for the items you will be sending to Selazar.

If your item has no barcode please make sure to select the "Print Own Labels" option, this will generate all the necessary labels for your products. These can be found under the "Stock Consignments" tab, by pressing the "View Consignment" button for the relevant order.

The links to all the needed labels can then be found on the right side of the page.

These can then be printed out to be attached to appropriate items.

Each Stock Box will require it's own label. (If sending a single stock box this will also require the Stock Consignment label.)

Each pallet will require it's own label.

If items already have barcode they will not require their own label.

Once this has been done, set the "Label Status" (underneath the label links) to "Yes".

Then you can move on to Sending your Stock to Us