To change your Courier preferences select the "Preferences" tab from the sidebar.

This then has two Sub-Tabs: Global and Regional

Global does NOT refer to location in the world, it is a choice for your account.

Each Courier will have a checkbox option, for any courier you do not want to use simply make sure their relevant checkbox is NOT checked, then press the "Save" button.

Regional allows you to pick the exact speeds of shipping you want to use in different areas of the globe. 

There are currently three locations being: The UK, The EU, and the Rest of the World.

For each of these, there is the option of 24 Hour, 48 Hour, 72 Hour or 3-5 days.

Each has a checkbox so you can select the ones you would like, these are also Courier dependent so it is possible to ship 24 Hour to the UK on one, but only 72 Hour on another.

NOTE: shipping at high speeds, i.e. 24 Hour to the Rest of the World can be quite expensive, so we would recommend only selecting long times such as 72 Hour or 3-5 to keep costs down.

If an order cannot be fulfilled by under your selected options it will be rejected.

e.g. if you have only selected 3-5 days for international shipping and try to upload an order with "24 Hour" it will not go through.