(If you are looking help with CSVs in a general sense your issue may be resolved here: [Common CSV Issues] 

Other Useful Links:

Example CSV: [Product CSV Example]

Cell datatype reference sheet: [Data Type Reference] 

There are two ways to add new products they are as follows:

As a single Item Using Form

Adding a single item is fairly straightforward to add:

Once logged on to your Selazar portal navigate to "Products" on your sidebar and Select "Add Item

Most fields are mandatory, any that are not are marked with a "-optional"

The fields are as follows:

Item Name:

This is the name of the product you are adding.

Item Description:

Describe the product that you are adding.

If you find that the box is too small when you are typing, it can be resized by clicking and dragging on the symbol at the bottom right of the box


The brad of product you are adding.


This field is optional but can help speed up processing of your items when in the warehouse, to aid in this pleas upload image(s) of the item fully packaged as it will help the warehouse staff identify your item more easily. There is a file size limit on images you upload of 1MB.

Item Details:

These are the dimensions and weight of One, Fully Packaged Item. 

These are in Metric units of CM for lengths, and KG for weight.

Country of Manufacturing:

This is the country in which the product you are adding was made. 

This is selected from the drop down menu.

Commodity Code:

This is a numeric code used to represent the type of good being added.

If you do not know what code your item comes under this can be found on the Gov.uk website [Code Finder].

Item Price:

This is the price you wish to sell your item for.

This is in GBP (£).

Expected Weekly Sales:

This is now many of your specific item you expect to sell in an average week.

This field is optional, it is used to determine how my stock we will keep on the shelf vs on the pallet.

We normally keep two weeks worth of sales on the shelf and the rest on the pallet. Please remember that pallet storage is cheaper than shelf storage, but orders can only be placed against stock on the shelf.

If this field is left blank we will normally put 20% of your pallet stock onto the shelf.

Item Packaging:

There are a few options for Item Packaging and not all can be chosen at the same time. 

These will be automatically greyed out when mutually exclusive options have been chosen.

Pre-Packed is only for when an item is already fully in packaging and only requires a label to be added.

Fragile marks the item as easily breakable, and as such will require the couriers to be gentle as to not break it.

Requires Box Packaging, marks the item to be placed in a box before shipping, our box sizes can be found here: [placeholder] if not selected the item will be just shipped in a standard mail bag.

Bubble Wrap Packaging will mean  the package is safely wrapped in bubble wrap before shipping. Mutually exclusive with Paper Packing and Eco Packing

Paper Packing will have the package shipped wrapped in paper. Mutually exclusive with Bubble wrap and Eco Packing.

Eco Packing, will make sure that the package is shipped using only eco friendly packaging, such as rice paper and bio-degradable bubble wrap (if the package is marked as fragile). Mutually exclusive with Paper Packing and Bubble wrap Packing.

Item Has No Barcode:

If the item has no barcode this box will generate a Selazar Unique ID in it's place.


This is the number that a barcode represents, this can instead be another form of identification so long as it's unique to the product.


For use if shipping books, otherwise leave blank. The ISBN is the book's unique identifier.


SKUs are used for multiple variations of an item that share the same EAN such as different coloured variants of the same product.

Shopify Note: if you intend to integrate Shopify with Selazar a SKU is required for every product, regardless of if it has variants.

As a CSV

Using a CSV many products can be uploaded simultaneously. To do this go the "Upload Item CSV" tab under "Products".

From here you can download "Item CSV example", this will serve as a template.

Simply remove the sample text and replace it with your own products, one per row. For a breakdown of each of the columns see above. Once the CSV is complete upload it box below the CSV Example and Instructions documents.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software you will need to change the datatype of the column to "text" for any column that contains a large number, number beginning or ending in "0", or dates. For a detailed explication of why and how to do this, as well as some other common CSV issues see here: [BEWARE EXCEL and other CSV Issues]

Note: Images cannot be added directly to products when uploading via CSV, to add images upload the CSV then go to the "Items" tab and select the "Edit" button, you can then add an image the same way you would with a single product upload.