Add a single product using Form

In the navigational bar on the left, click “Products” and then from the bar at the top select “Add Product”.  You will then be prompted to enter the “Product Overview”.

Product Overview

The fields are as follows:

Product Name:

This is the name of the product you are adding.

Product Description:

Describe the product that you are adding.

If you find that the box is too small when you are typing, it can be resized by clicking and dragging on the symbol at the bottom right of the box


The brand of product you are adding.


Please select the appropriate category from the available list.

Once complete hit "Next Step".  

Product Details

Product Details:

These are the dimensions and weight of one, fully packaged (if applicable) Product. If you desire for the product to be condensed in the packing process, enter the minimum size the product can go when condensed. If you don't want the product to be condensed to fit then enter the exact full measurements of the product.

These are in Metric units of centimetres for lengths and kilograms for weight.

Country of Manufacturing:

This is the country in which the product you are adding was made. 

This is selected from the drop down menu.  

Please note, this information is used by customs so needs to be accurate to prevent any clearance issues.

Commodity Code:

This is a numeric code used to represent the type of good being added.

If you do not know what code your product comes under, this can be found on the website [Code Finder].

Once you have completed this information, select "Next Step".

Sales & Pricing

Product Price:

This is the price you wish to sell your product for, the retail price.

This is in GBP (£).

Expected Weekly Sales:

This is how many of your specific product you expect to sell in an average week.

This field is used to determine how much stock we will keep on the shelf vs on the pallet.

We normally keep two weeks worth of sales on the shelf and the rest on the pallet. Please remember that pallet storage is cheaper than shelf storage, but orders can only be placed against stock on the shelf.

If this field is left blank we will normally put 20% of your pallet stock onto the shelf.

Once complete, click "Next Step".

Unique Identifiers


This is the number that a barcode represents, the EAN can be used instead of another form of identification as long as it's unique to the product. If blank then we will assign a Selazar Unique ID (SUID) for this item. 



For use if shipping books, otherwise leave blank. The ISBN is the book's unique identifier.


These are used for multiple variations of a product that share the same EAN such as different coloured variants of the same product. A SKU is used to differentiate between the different variants. SKUs are also case sensitive so make sure it matches the same format of what is in your Shopify/WooCommerce against that product.

No-Barcode Product:

We scan the product's physical barcode (EAN or SUID) throughout pick and pack for better quality control. If the product has no physical barcode or a small barcode that isn't scannable, you can select no barcode.  This means the product scan will be skipped in the pick and pack. You will be required to upload a photo of the product, as this will be used when verifying the products during the pick and pack.


Product Image:

This field is optional but required if you have selected no-barcode product. This can help speed up processing of your products when in the warehouse.  Upload one image of the product how it looks when it is picked, as it will help the warehouse staff identify your item more easily. There is a file size limit on images you upload of 1MB. If you want to show multiple images of a product and are unsure how to merge in to one, please contact our customer services who can assist.

Planning on using Shopify or WooCommerce? 

In order for the Shopify or WooCommerce integrations to function a SKU is required for every product, regardless of whether it has variants.

When ready, proceed by clicking "Next Step".

Packaging Preferences

Product Packaging:

There are a few options for Product Packaging and not all can be chosen at the same time.  These will be automatically greyed out when mutually exclusive options have been chosen.

Pre-Packed is only for when an product is already fully in packaging and only requires a label to be added.

Fragile marks the product as easily breakable, and as such will require the couriers to be gentle as to not break it.

Requires Box Packaging, marks the product to be placed in a box before shipping, our box sizes can be found here: [Box Sizes] If not selected then the product will be just shipped in a standard mail bag.

Bubble Wrap Packaging will mean the package is safely wrapped in bubble wrap before shipping.  Mutually exclusive with Paper and Eco Packaging.

Paper Packaging will have the package shipped wrapped in paper.  Mutually exclusive with Bubble wrap and Eco Packaging.

Eco Packaging, will make sure that the package is shipped using only eco friendly packaging, such as rice paper and bio-degradable bubble wrap (if the package is marked as fragile).  Mutually exclusive with Paper and Bubble wrap Packaging.

Choose your preferred options and hit "Next Step".

Confirm Product

You can now review your completed Product Overview.  If you want to make any changes, you can revert to a particular section by clicking the relevant clickable link.

When you are happy with the product information, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Confirm Product".

You will then be greeted with a Success notification.

View your Products

To view a full list of your products, select Products and choose "Products" from the top bar.  You can also search your products using this screen.

Upload multiple products

If you have an extensive list of products it may be easier for you update the platform using a mass upload.

This is done by using a CSV.

To do this select "Products" and then choose "Upload Item CSV" from the top bar.

From here you can download "Product CSV example", this will serve as a template.

Simply remove the sample text and replace it with your own products, one per row.  For a breakdown of each of the columns see above.  Once the CSV is complete upload it box below the CSV Example and Instructions documents.

Please note: Images cannot be added directly to products when uploading via CSV.  To add images upload the CSV then click the "Products" tab and select "Edit".  You can then add an image in the same way you would with a single product upload.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software you will need to change the datatype of the column to "text" for any column that contains a large number, number beginning or ending in "0", or dates. 

Useful Links

Having problems with the CSV?  Check out Common CSV Issues

No-Barcode Product