Shopify Integrations FAQs

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Common Issues

Order Sync email

Orders not syncing

Orders not transitioning to fulfilled

Order can't be shipped to the address

Common Issues:

  • Incorrect store URL - Check the URL and try again
  • Incorrect password - Check credentials in the Selazar app in Shopify and try again
  • Store is already integrated with Selazar - Contact Selazar if this is suspected

Order Sync email:

  • If you received an email stating orders failed to sync:
    • These emails provide information about why order syncing failed. If you feel the email has been issued in error, please contact us at Depending on the issue, the order may or may not show in your portal under "Unsuccessful".
  • Reasons these emails can be issued:
    • No customer information in the order 
    • No delivery address in the order 
    • The SKU does not exist on Selazar 
    • The item with the specified SKU is out of stock
  • Orders are not syncing, yet no email is received 
    • Common causes:
      • The order contains items that are not fulfilled by Selazar 
      • The order contains items that were updated to be fulfilled by Selazar after the order was submitted
      • There is already an order for your Selazar Retailer account with the matching Shopify order number

Orders not syncing to Selazar:

  • Partially refunding through the Shopify portal can result in the order not being fulfilled, if you believe this has happened, please contact our customer service team.
  • If the integration is turned off for any reason, orders received during the period where the integration will not be synced to Selazar, even after the integration is turned back on, if you believe this has happened please reach out to our customer service team.

Orders not transitioning to fulfilled:

  • This could be caused by having duplicated SKUs

Order can't be shipped to the address:

  • In order to resolve navigate to Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Shipping > Manage
  • Not shipping from > Add rates > Clone rates from above click Save > Done.
not shipping from

Shopify updates are detailed on their website via the Shopify Changelog.