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Set up your Returns Address

Setup your Returns Address

The first time you log in to the Retailers Portal after opening your retailer account, you will be asked to complete the address where all your returns will be sent.

Add the Returns Address

We need to know your returns address before you can use the Return Robin services to estimate the returns' costs effectively.

The returns address may be the address of a Selazar fulfilment centre or any other return address you would like to use.

If you already use one of our fulfilment centres to fulfil your orders, you may also wish to use the same fulfilment centre for receiving your returns. This would allow your returns to be added to your stock as soon as they are received in the fulfilment centre provided that they will be graded as stock the may be resold.

Please note, the returns address you specify should be located in the United Kingdom.

Add Returns Address Details

Fill in the address details and select Add Address

Address Added

Once the returns address has been added successfully, you can go directly to the homepage.