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Set up your Return Robin Preferences

You need to set up your preferences and verify your account before you can receive returns from your customers

On this page 

Haven't set your preferences yet? 

Return Services Settings 


Haven't set your preferences yet? 

If you have not set up your Return Robin preferences yet, your homepage will look like the one below with both or either of the notifications shown, depending on what is still pending.

Welcome to Return Robin page with "Go to Settings" and "Settings" highlighted

Select Go to Settings to set your preferences.

Alternatively, you can access your settings by selecting the Settings from the top right navigation bar.

Return Services Settings

On this page, you can set the following:

  • The returns services you would like to offer your customers
  • The order age limit, beyond which your customers will not be allowed to return their orders

Return Robin Returns Service Selection page

Returns Service Selection

Return Robin offers two different options for a returns collection across the UK

  • Home Collection – Our courier partner can collect from your customers home, office or any other requested address to collect their return.

Your customers will be offered the option to choose the collection date that better suits their needs. They will receive an email and SMS the day before confirming the 2-hour collection window. If the scheduled time does not suit them, they may reschedule the collection for another date.

  • Drop off Point – Your customer can drop off their parcel at one of our Drop off Points around the UK.

Our application will let them know the ten nearest Drop-off points to their location or any other address they may specify.

Both collection services are entirely paperless and do not require a printer.

You may choose to offer both collection services to your customers and give them the freedom to choose the one that works best for them, or you may decide to go with either of them.

You can always change your preferred collection services by returning to this page.

Order Age Limit

If you turn this option on, you will restrict your customers from requesting returns for orders that are older than the limit you set.

Order age limit will only be available when Return Robin is integrated with the Selazar e-fulfilment solution.

There are three predefined options for the Order Age Limit:

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • Custom

Choose custom if you would prefer to set a different order age limit.

If your Return Robin solution is integrated with the Selazar e-Fulfillment solution, we will automatically validate the age of any return request by your customers to ensure that the request is within the predefined Order Age Limit. If the return falls outside of that period, we will inform your customers that they are not allowed to place a return request for their order as the return window has passed.


Navigate to Settings > Payments to manage the payment details for your company.

You need to add a valid payment card before using Return Robin to manage your returns.

If the card expires, you need to update the payment details by adding a valid payment card for your company to continue to receive returns through Return Robin. Otherwise, your customers won't be able to find your company in the Return Robin customer portal to add their return.

Payment setup

Payment Setup

Select Set up Card Payments to add your payment card details.

The address you specified when you signed up in the Return Robin portal is presented by default as the card payment address.

If you are happy with the displayed payment address, select Proceed to Payment Details to fill in your payment card details.

Otherwise, if you need to change the payment address, select Use another address.

Cardholder Address

Fill in the details of the new address and select 'Proceed to Payment Details' to add your payment details.

Upon selecting 'Proceed to Payment Details', you will be redirected to a secure environment to add your billing and payment card details.

Fill in any missing billing information and select "Next".


Fill in the payment card details and select "Next".

Review the billing and payment card details and select 'Pay' to validate your card. There will be no charges to your card at this time.

If you have any issues with validating your method of payment, please contact our customer services team.