Return Robin - Weight & Size Restrictions

Incorrectly packaged items may incur surcharges.On this page

Weight Size and Restrictions

Service additional charges

Recommendations on Packaging

Weight Size and Restrictions

We want to ensure that your shipping experience with us is as convenient as possible. To maintain efficiency and ensure the safety of your item(s), we have certain weight and size restrictions in place.

Here's some information to keep in mind.


Max length

Max weight

Max Volume

Max length & width

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Service additional charges

To ensure a seamless returns experience, it's important to comply with our weight and size guidance. Failure to do so may lead to additional charges.




Oversized Parcel L

A Parcel sent using any Service where the Parcel dimensions (length (L), cube (V) or weight (W) exceed the maximum dimensions for the service.

Max weight 30kg. Max volume 0.23m3


Oversized parcel XL

A Parcel sent using any Service where the Parcel dimensions (length (L), cube (V) or weight (W) exceed the maximum dimensions for the XL service.

Max weight 30kg. Max volume 0.28m3


Aborted Van Collection

Were an attempt to collect but there was nothing to collect, not at home or cancellation was received after the vehicle had departed to collect.


Non machinable Parcel

Incorrectly packaged parcel and the Parcel cannot be processed via the courier’s mechanical sortation systems.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We appreciate your trust in our services, and we're always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Recommendations on packaging

Where possible the item(s) should be returned in the original packaging including any packing. Please refrain from using substandard or damaged packaging to return your goods. Re-use packaging where possible. . When recycling packaging, remember to remove the old shipping labels and stickers. Please also ensure the integrity of the packaging before use.

Use a quality carton made of high-quality corrugated cardboard to ensure strength and stability during transit. Double walled as a minimum standard especially if a heavier item. Always select the right sized box for its contents. Under-filled boxes are at risk of collapse and damage. Over-filled boxes are likely to burst open and become vulnerable. Additional packaging is required if you can feel or hear the contents moving inside the container. We highly recommend the use of infill or padding to restrict movement & protect your contents.

Correctly secure and seal the carton with parcel tape designed for shipping, with all edges taped to prevent the carton from opening. Over-wrapping your container with cellophane is not advised. Over-box the original manufacture’s packaging, especially for high value goods.

We do not recommend the use of plastic banding, if you do need to use banding on your parcel, please ensure it is tight to the box and fit for purpose. Always over-bag or box your items, to ensure they are suitable for transit through our network. Packaging for cylindrical goods Items that roll should be pack in triangular or rectangular packaging to prevent movement during the sortation process.

Incorrectly packaged items may incur surcharges.