Return Robin Payment Setup

Return Robin Payment Setup

To start using Return Robin, you will first need an active payment setup. Once you have a payment setup you will be registered as an active Return Robin retailer and your customers will be able to start making returns.  

To setup a payment in Return Robin, please follow the steps below:  

    1. Login to your retailer Return Robin account 

    2. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Payments” 

    3. Click “Add Card” 

    4. Enter your Credit or Debit card details 

    5. Click “Add Details” 

    6. The card status will show as “Active” if your card was added successfully. 

Card Issues? 

If your card status is showing as “inactive” your customers will be unable to make returns. Please check the card details entered are correct and that it is an active card you are attempting to add.  

If you are still having issues setting up a payment on Return Robin, please contact our customer support team  

Return Robin Invoicing

All the information on what you are charged for can be found in the “Invoicing” section of Return Robin. Return Robin invoices are generated every Monday and contain the delivery costs associated with your customer returns.  


A summary of each invoice is displayed on screen. Easy options for searching and filtering are provided so you can find specific invoices at your convenience.

A detailed breakdown of the invoice can be viewed by clicking the “Invoice Reference" on the invoice you would like to view.