Product Release Update

22 November 2022

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Setting your IOSS number


At Selazar we are constantly optimising our customer’s fulfilment operations.

This release focused on our courier connections, particularly for UPS.  

Customers can now hold their IOSS number within their portal, helping to improve the EU shipping paperwork challenges.  

The ability to control your preferences allows you to make the changes you need to optimise your fulfilment process in line with your requirements.  

1. Setting your IOSS Number 

Use your Selazar portal to hold your IOSS number, and it will accompany your EU orders paperwork when you ship with UPS.  

You can use your IOSS number to deliver goods across the European Union, resolving the need to fill out different forms and pay varying amounts of tax for different countries.  

Not only does this make EU shipping easier for you, but IOSS also makes pricing clearer for your customers, too. 

To add your IOSS Number to your portal, visit Preferences -> Taxes -> IOSS Number

IOSS marked

On your portal, we’ve included the parameters that IOSS numbers operate within. There is an order value limit of €150. 

We’ve also built in the ability to flag that you don’t have an IOSS number

2. Keeping you informed with notifications

MicrosoftTeams-image (46)Customers will receive a notification if an order moves into an unsuccessful or failed status due to the item being both out of stock and no stock being available to replenish the supply.

This allows the customer to check when new stock can be expected to arrive at the warehouse. Remember, our Customer Service team are on hand to help get stock booked in with the warehouse and replenished as quickly as possible. 

Our Customer Service team are on hand to help with your queries, you can connect with them here.