Product Release Update

14 July 2022

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Unsuccessful order update

Bulk order refresh

We are constantly reviewing the Selazar platform to make sure it keeps meeting your needs.  

The changes made have improved order visibility and bulk tracking. 

The enhancement detail for each area can be seen below: 

  1. Unsuccessful Order Update
  • A Search box is now available 
  • Use View Order to see more detail on why an order is being flagged as Unsuccessful
  • An order will move from Unsuccessful when it is resolved 
  • Alert emails are still active and will come through when an order shows as Unsuccessful 

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2. Bulk Order Refresh
  • Tracking Number and Courier Provider can now be added to the Selazar Customer Portal 
  • To add this information to an existing Bulk Order  
  • Go to Bulk Orders > View Order > View Split Details & Tracking 
  • Select the Add Tracking and enter the details 
  • This feature helps to record the self fulfil detail against Bulk Orders  

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Remember Customer Service are on hand to help with your queries and you can connect with them here.