Packaging options and sizes

Selazar packaging options and sizes

Smart Packaging for a Smarter Business

We offer a range of different packaging options.  We ensure correctly sized packaging for every order.  No more small items in large boxes, cutting down waste and reducing costs.

All of our packaging is unbranded as standard including cardboard boxes, sugar cane mailing bags, bubble wrap and our eco-friendly packaging.  Personalised packaging can be sent to our warehouses to be stored and used for your orders, if you would like to arrange this please get in touch.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We also hold a range of plastic-free alternatives, giving a greener option for companies who are eco-conscious including:

  • Plastic-free mailing bags made from sugar cane
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes
  • Recyclable scrunch paper as an alternative to bubble wrap
  • Plastic Free Gum Tape

Packaging Sizes and Options

Please find our packaging sizes and prices below.