Packaging options and sizes

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Selazar packaging options and sizes

Smart packaging for a smarter business

Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging sizes and options

Selazar packaging options and sizes

Smart Packaging for a Smarter Business

We offer a range of different packaging options.  We ensure correctly sized packaging for every order.  No more small items in large boxes, cutting down waste and reducing costs.

All of our packaging is unbranded as standard; including cardboard boxes, sugar cane mailing bags, and is eco-friendly as standard. Personalised packaging can be sent to our warehouses to be stored and used for your orders, if you would like to arrange this please get in touch.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We also hold a range of plastic-free alternatives, giving a greener option for companies who are eco-conscious, including:

  • Plastic-free mailing bags made from sugar cane
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes
  • Recyclable scrunch paper as an alternative to bubble wrap
  • Plastic Free Gum Tape

Packaging Sizes and Options

Please find our packaging sizes and prices below:

Envelopes and Mailing Bags  
Made from high quality 90gsm kraft paper, peel-&-seal strip for easy and efficient closure. Manufactured from paper, they are compostable and are made from approx. 65% recycled paper.  

Padded Envelope Small

165 x 280 mm £0.30  

Padded Envelope Medium 

195 x 343 mm £0.40


Eco-friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing bags. Produced from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market. Using sugar cane rather than oil in the process of photosynthesis makes it ‘GREEN’ by its very nature, and due to it being 100% recyclable material, it can be fed back into the recycling stream.


Mailing Bag Small

250 x 350 mm



Mailing Bag Medium

305 x 406 mm



Mailing Bag Large

400 x 500 mm



Single & Double Cardboard Boxes

Our Single and Double walled cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials, the percentage of which ranges from 60% to 90%, and this cardboard is one of the most easily recycled resources in the UK. Sealed with self-adhesive paper tapes and filled with environmental void fill for the perfect plastic-free packaging.

These boxes are kind to the planet and vegan friendly.

Box 1 – Single Wall 347 x 242 x 19 mm £0.60
Box 2 – Single Wall 240 x 210 x 19 mm £0.60
Box 3 – Single Wall 305 x 229 x 229 mm £0.80
Box 4 - Postbox 254 x 254 x 102 mm £1.10
Box 5 – Double Wall 440 x 340 x 140 mm £1.65
Box 6 - Double Wall 457 x 305 x 305 mm £1.75
Box 7 - Double Wall 406 x 406 x 406 mm £2.50
Box 10- Single Wall 152 x 152 x 152 mm £0.65
Box 11 - Double Wall 609 x 305 x 457 mm £2.50
Box 12 – Single Wall 229 x 152 x 102 mm £0.65
Box 14 – Postbox 250 x 150 x 100 mm £0.85