Order Age Limit

Order Age Limit

Return Order Age Limit provides you with the ability to set the number of days you allow customers to return their order. This feature helps restrict customers from creating returns outside of the return window you have set as we check against the original order date they’ve entered. If you are integrated with Selazar, this is validated automatically.


Customers will be notified when they attempt to create a return outside of the return window and will not be able to proceed.  

Use the following steps to get set your return window. Let's get started! 

1. Login to your retailer Return Robin account 

2. Navigate to “Settings” then “Return Settings”  

3. Turn on Order Age Limit by clicking the toggle 

4. Select the number of days you want to allow your customers to return their order. You can select either 30 days, 60 days, or else enter your own custom number of days to suit your company’s return policy.  

5. Click “Save”.  


You’re Order Age Limit is now set!