How we handle Partial Orders

How we handle Partial Orders

Why Partial Orders?

Partial orders is a preference you can turn on or off, this is something that you can control. Previously when a product was out of stock we rejected the whole order. With partial orders enabled, we now accept your B2C orders with out of stock items, fulfilling products from that order that are in stock now and fulfilling the out of stock products later. This will satisfy end customers by supplying them with fulfillable product. 

During Order processing

Our system checks all unfulfilled parts of the partial order every 10 minutes to see if any pending products are now fulfillable, providing frequent and timely updates.  

It is possible to cancel any pending items in a partial order, for example, if any of the items in the order are not coming back into stock and so will never be fulfilled, this can be easily handled by cancelling the pending products within Order Details. 

The partial order preference can be turned on or off at any time. If partial orders are set to off, any partial orders that are still awaiting fulfilment will continue to be resolved, but no new partial orders will be accepted. The only orders that will be accepted are those that can be fulfilled now.


Within the Orders tab there is a section for partial orders. Here you will be able to see any current partial orders and whether they are awaiting stock or cancelled. Once a partial order is complete, you can view all the order details in the one record within Processed Orders.