How to use Return Robin for Customers

How to use Return Robin for Customers

What is Return Robin? 

Return Robin is an eCommerce returns service, using a single van per area to help reduce the cost of home collections and cut down on carbon emissions. Return Robin will help you manage and monitor multiple returns under one roof. 


Adding an Address 

The address you use once you have signed up will already be saved and can be easily selected during creating a return stage. If you won’t be in and want to leave your Return with a neighbour, you can easily add that address to your address book. These will then save to your Address book for ease of use for future returns which you can access from the homepage or by selecting Address Book in the header. 





Creating a return for a Customer

To create a return, you can follow the steps provided below: 

 1. Sign into Return Robin and select “Returns” then “Create Return”. You can also select “Create a Return” along the header. 



2. Enter your Address or where the Order is to be collected from. Your saved addresses will show up here so you won't need to re-enter the information again.  


3. Select the Retailer you are making the return for. 


4. Order Details – You will enter in your Order Number and the email address you used for that Order along with the Order Date. 



5. Product Details - Here you can add the reason why you are returning this product and can add any additional information. 



6. Return Details - Available collection dates will show here for you and you can pick one which suits you best. 



7. Summary - You will see a Summary of your return for the information you have put in for each step. You will be asked to confirm your parcel and any parcel restrictions will also be listed here for you (Customers will only be able to return items that weigh less than 30kg and don't go over the maximum size 120cm long / maximum dimensions .23m3) 


Multiple Returns 

If you have multiple returns you can sign into the Return Robin platform and log each return using the “Create a Return” button. You can then amend, track, and monitor each return individually. If you have multiple items to return from the same original order, you can create a single return. Just make sure all items fit in a parcel that is not above the maximum allowance. 

Tracking a Return 

You can track and monitor the progress of your return until it reaches its final destination. 

To track your return you just simply login to your Return Robin account and view the return under Returns. You will see an up-to-date status, as well as a tracking link for further details on progress.   

We will also keep you notified of important steps through email, and a text message the day before pickup. 


Amending or Cancelling a Return 

You can edit a collection by viewing the return in Return Robin and selecting a new collection date. You can change your collection date up to two days before the original scheduled date.  


You can cancel a collection by viewing the return in Return Robin and clicking “Cancel Return”. 

Just so you know, amending or cancelling a collection will have no impact on your Robin Score. 


Robin Score 

Your Robin score is a number from 0 to 100 that represents your history with using Return Robin. The higher the score, the better, as this tells the retailer that you are a good candidate to be using Return Robin. 

When your return parcel is collected successfully you will gain points. You will also gain more points every 28 days just by being an active customer. The only way that your score will decrease is if there is a failed collection. This means that if a courier attempted to collect your return parcel at your desired location and was unable to do so it will be reflected in your Return Robin score. 

Although, if the return collection failed due to the courier, this will not impact your score. 

You need to have at least 30 points to create a return. If your score goes below 30 you will be unable to use the return service until it increases again. 


You can view your Robin Score by selecting Your Profile on the homepage. You can also view your Robin core History’s where you can check to see if your score has gone down or up previously along with the reason why your score has changed.