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How to use custom packaging

What is custom packaging?

Before you begin

Enabling custom packaging

Enforce custom packaging

Packaging points

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How to use custom packaging

We understand that for some companies the unboxing experience can be as important as the product itself.

All Selazar packaging comes unbranded as standard.  However, for those wanting something a little more tailored, you can fully personalise how your orders are packaged using our custom packaging feature.

What is custom packaging?

Custom packaging doesn't only mean branded boxes.

It can include branded mailing bags, branded tapes, flyers, stickers or custom fill.

Before you begin

Firstly, you will need to send your custom packaging to our warehouse.  To arrange this, please contact providing information on the type(s) and quantity of custom packaging you are sending.

Please label your packaging types accordingly, i.e. "Small Mail Bag" so that the warehouse can identify it during pack.

Our Customer service team will book your packaging delivery in with the warehouse and confirm receipt once it arrives.

You will not be able to use this feature until your custom packaging has been received at the warehouse.

Enabling custom packaging

Now that your packaging is ready, it's time to enable the custom packaging feature on the Selazar portal.

To do this navigate to Preferences > Packaging.

The Package Name should match the name you indicated when you labelled and sent your packaging, i.e. "Small Mail Bag".

With each package, please indicate the size and weight limits, which will be used by our package calculator to find the best fit during order processing.

For mailing bags, we cover the multiple dimension variations, so you only need to indicate the height and width when flat.

Once you click Add Mailing Bag your packaging is added to your usable pool of packages.  

Enforce custom packaging

To make sure that only your custom packaging is used, select the Enforced button as shown below.

When you enable Extras, these will be added for ALL orders.

Please ensure that custom packages have been configured, and enabled before enforcing the packaging type, otherwise orders may not process correctly.

Additionally, if custom packaging is enforced, but you run out of stock of your packages, orders may also fail.

Packaging Points

Depending on the nature of your custom packaging, we assign it Packaging Points as set out below:

1 Packaging Point 2 Packaging Points 3 Packaging Points






Custom Fill



Additional Cost

We always aim to keep our pick and pack time as quick and low-cost for you, as possible.  

However, due to the additional complexities of custom packaging there may be an increase in the pack time as a result of the time it takes to source the specific materials for your orders.

Based on the Packaging Points, your specific packaging requirements are scaled in terms of complexity and additional time charged for accordingly.

Complexity Packaging Points Max Additional Time Example
Low 1 to 4 No additional time Custom box & tape
Medium 5 to 7 1 minute Custom box, tape & fill
High 8 to 10 2 minute Custom box, tape, flyer, sticker & fill

A flat fee of 7p per custom mailing bag parcel / 20p per custom box parcel is applied in accordance with our Standard T&Cs.

If you have any queries on the above or would like to discuss your specific packaging requirements further, please contact or call us on 020 3950 7860.