How to Setup Shopify Rate Matcher Shipping

How to Setup Shopify Rate Matcher Shipping

Why use Shopify Rate Matcher?

The Shopify Rate Matcher is for matching the shipping rates you create in Shopify for your customers, to the desired service time in Selazar. This is so you can assure you’re giving your customers the service time they expect. 

You will need to set a default Selazar service time per region, for example, 48 Hours for the EU. You can leave your settings at that, or make it more specific by matching the Shopify Shipping Rates to the service times. 

Before doing any matching or service time settings, make sure to set up your shipping rates in Shopify first.

Steps to setup Shopify Rate Matcher:

  1. Go to Integrations in your Selazar account
  2. Select your Shopify store and scroll to Shopify Shipping Configuration
  3. Click “Edit Shopify Shipping Configuration”

This will allow you to

  • Set default service times per region – these service times will be used if/when specific rates are not matched up
  • Match Shopify rates to region and service times (not required)

An example of a Shopify order scenario:

An Order has placed, going to France for, £150 before Shipping cost is added for a product. In your Shopify you might have 3 different rates for orders going to the EU:

Name “Express”  

Region: Europe 

Price (charged to the customer): £10 

Condition: orders must by 99.99 or less 

Name “Standard”  

Region: Europe 

Price (charged to the customer): £5 

Condition: orders must by 99.99 or less 

Name “Express”  

Region: Europe 

Price (charged to the customer): £15 

Condition: orders must by £100 or more 

Because it is going to France, only the rates you have for the EU (Europe) will show to the customer. And because it’s for £150, of those Europe rates, only the “Express – Europe – £15” will show as it is over £100.

In your Shopify rate matcher within Selazar, you will have “Express – Europe – £15” matched to the desired Selazar service time.

The order will then be checked in order processing, see if that rate is matched to service time, see that it’s 72 hours, and checks for all available courier service offerings. Based on your preferences, it will look at the Couriers you have enabled and which ones have 72 Hours enabled. It will send back the cheapest, available service from those two. 

Changing rates and matches 

Whenever you add new Shopify shipping rates, these will show up in the Shipping rate Matcher. Any order that comes in with that new shipping rate will use the default service time you set for the region of that order, until you match the shipping rate to a specific service time.

Whenever a rate is deleted from Shopify, Selazar will automatically remove that from the Shopify Rate Matcher.