Shopify Rate Matcher Setup guide

Setting up the Shopify Rate Matcher in your Selazar Portal

You can use the Shopify Rate Matcher to link together the shipping profiles you have created in Shopify to the available service times in Selazar

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Why use the Shopify Rate Matcher?

Steps to setup the Shopify Rate Matcher

An example of a Shopify order scenario

Changing rates and matches

Why use the Shopify Rate Matcher?

The Shopify Rate Matcher is used to match the shipping rates that you created in Shopify to the desired service times within the Selazar portal.

You will need to set a default Selazar service time per region, for example, 48 Hours for the EU. You can leave your settings at that, or make it more specific by matching the Shopify Shipping Rates to the service times. 

Before we can match any rates to service times we need to ensure that the rates (profiles) are created in Shopify.

Steps to setup the Shopify Rate Matcher:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Manage > View Shopify Shipping Configuration
  2. Select Edit Shopify Shipping Configuration

The Selazar platform will identify the number of available shipping options that you have created within your Shopify store and allow you to assign these to the desired shipping times.


To begin, we will set a default Selazar service time per region (UK, EU, Rest of World), in the below example we have selected '48 Hour' as our default shipping service for the UK.

Integrations - showing default shipping time of 48-Hour for UK

An example of a Shopify order scenario:

A customer places an order on your Shopify store front.  The order value is £150 before shipping.  On your Shopify store you may have 3 different rates set up for orders being sent to EU destinations, for example:

  1. Name “Express”
    Region: Europe
    Price (charged to the customer): £10
    Condition: orders must by 99.99 or less
  2. Name “Standard”
    Region: Europe
    Price (charged to the customer): £5
    Condition: orders must by 99.99 or less 
  3. Name “Express”  
    Region: Europe 
    Price (charged to the customer): £15 
    Condition: orders must by £100 or more 

Because it is going to France (EU), only the rates you have created for EU (Europe) will show to the customer, and because the order value (before shipping) is £150, the only rate that Shopify will offer to your customer will be "Express - Europe - £15".

In the image below we have assigned the service "Express-Europe-£15" to the service time of 72 Hour.

When the order is received on the Selazar platform we will check if the rate is matched to a service time, in this case 72 Hour, the platform will then check using your courier preferences for the cheapest option before fulfilling.

If there are no rates matched to Shopify the platform will use the default shipping times that were selected at the first step.

Only one option from Shopify can be matched to one Service time on the Selazar platform.

It is not possible to duplicate Shopify Shipping profiles across multiple service times however, service times in the Selazar platform can contain multiple Shopify Shipping profiles, for example, in the below image, we have "Free Delivery-Domestic-£0.00" and "Standard Delivery-Domestic-£6.95" both under the UK 24 Hour service time.

Changing rates and matches

As rates are changed or added in your Shopify store, these will show in the Rate Matcher within the Selazar platform however, they will not be automatically assigned to a service time. Please follow the steps outlined above to add any new rates to the desired service times.

Whenever a rate is removed from Shopify, the Selazar platform will automatically remove that rate from the Shopify Rate Matcher, when this happens we will use the default values as set out in the first step.