How to select your preferred couriers

How to select your preferred couriers


We have a range of courier options available to you.

To change your Courier preferences, select the "Preferences" tab from the sidebar.

Global Preferences

Global preferences do not refer to a location, these options apply generally to your Selazar account.

Simply tick each checkbox for the courier(s) you would like to use.

Regional Preferences

Regional courier preferences allow you to pick the exact speeds of shipping you want to use.

Under your regional preferences, you will see three locations:

    UK - choose from 24 Hour, 24 Hour Pre-10:30, 24 Hour Pre-noon, 48 Hour, 72 Hour or 3-5 Days

    EU - choose from 24 Hour, 48 Hour, 72 Hour or 3-5 Days

    Rest of World - choose from 1-2 Days, 2-3 Days, 3-5 Days or 5-10 Days

Simply select your preferred options using the check boxes.  Each option is courier dependent, so you can choose to ship 24 Hour with one courier, and 72 Hour with another.

Please note: shipping at high speeds, i.e. 24 Hour to the Rest of the World can be expensive.  We would recommend only selecting long times such as 72 Hour or 3-5 to keep costs down.

Rejected Orders

If an order cannot be fulfilled by under your selected options it will be rejected.

For example, if you have only selected 3-5 days for international shipping and try to upload an order with "24 Hour" it will fail to process.  To rectify this, you will have to adjust your preferences to match your order delivery requirements.

Customs clearance

Please ensure that you keep your inventory and product information accurate and up to date to ensure successful clearance at customs.

Couriers require certain information about the parcel for smooth processing through customs, such as the product's commodity code.  Further information on commodity codes can be found here.

If you require any further information on courier preferences or customs clearance please email our customer service team.