How to integrate WooCommerce with Selazar

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How to integrate WooCommerce with Selazar


WooCommerce Setup

Order sync

Tracking sync

How to integrate WooCommerce with Selazar

Congrats! You're ready to integrate your WooCommerce store with Selazar. Follow the steps below to get started. 


        (a)    A WordPress site with WooCommerce installed

        (b)    A Selazar Retailer Account

1.    WooCommerce Setup

  • Log into your WordPress Admin site.
  • Navigate to Settings > Permalinks

  • Under Common Settings, select Post name > Save Changes
  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced > REST API > Add Key
  • You will then complete the form giving the key a description, selecting the user the key belongs to and setting the permissions to ‘Read/Write’.

•   Click Generate API key. Copy the Consumer key and Consumer secret shown.

The keys will no longer be viewable after you leave the page.

  • Login to Selazar.
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Set up integration > WooCommerce

  • Complete the form including the name and URL of your store, the Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret generated in WooCommerce from the previous steps.
  • If you want to begin syncing and processing your orders immediately, select ‘Yes, connect now’. If you are not ready to connect just yet, select ‘No, do not connect now’. Remember that you can go back and change this at any point.
  • Your Selazar Retailer Account can manage inventory levels on your WooCommerce site. Choose ‘Yes, allow […]’or ‘No, do not allow[…]’ if you want Selazar to manage your WooCommerce store’s inventory levels.
  • Click Validate Credentials to finalize the integration configuration. A prompt will indicate if there are any errors with the integration. To fix see the common issues below.

Once you successfully connect, to allow Selazar to manage inventory levels you will need to enable this per product in your WooCommerce Store. Navigate to your WooCommerce site and select the product(s), click on Inventory and enable the option ‘Manage Stock?’.


Common issues may include:

  • Incorrect store URL - Check URL and try again
  • Incorrect consumer key/consumer secret- Check WooCommerce credentials and try again
  • Store is already integrated with Selazar - Contact Selazar if this is suspected

2.    Order Sync

  • After setting up and connecting the integration Selazar will start polling your store to collect any orders.
  • If you want to allow a specific order to be synced it must have been created after the date of integration and have the status set to ‘Processing’ in WooCommerce.
  • The order must contain products which exist in Selazar.  The products are linked between Selazar and WooCommerce by SKU, so both your WooCommerce product and corresponding Selazar product must have the same SKU. SKUs are also case sensitive so ensure it matches the same format of what is in your WooCommerce against that product.

3. Tracking Sync

After a WooCommerce order has been processed and fulfilled by Selazar, the order status in WooCommerce will change to ‘Completed’ and the courier specific tracking link (or links) will be sent to WooCommerce (where applicable).  This will be viewable by the customer on the WooCommerce order page.

Common Issues

  • Received an email stating 'orders failed to sync'
  • These emails provide information about WHY order syncing failed. If you feel the email has been issued in error please contact  

Some common reasons why these emails may be issued:

No customer information in the order, or some fields missing data

No delivery address in the order

The SKU does not exist on Selazar

The item with the specified SKU is out of stock

  • Orders are not syncing, yet no email is received:
    • The order was created before the date of integration
    • The WooCommerce order status has not been set to ‘Processing’

Hopefully, you were successful in your integration with Woo-Commerce. If you were, congratulations! Should you need more assistance feel free to reach out to us at

Happy Selling!

Selazar is not responsible for any issues caused by or for the rectification of any issues arising as a result of user-installed updates to the WooCommerce platform and does not provide/is not associated with any information provided on the WooCommerce changelog.

If the integration is turned off, orders will not be fulfilled. When the integration is re-connected, any orders prior to the re-connection will remain unfulfilled, please contact customer support to have orders during the period of disconnect fulfilled.