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How to integrate Return Robin with Selazar

    To integrate your Return Robin solution with the Selazar e-Fulfilment solution, follow the steps below:

    1. Login to your Selazar account
    2. Navigate to Integrations > Manage Apps > Set Up App

      The following page appears for you to fill in the integration details.
    3. Enter a unique name for the integration you will create. We recommend choosing something meaningful.
    4. Set the following permissions regarding the Return Robin access rights to the Selazar portal
      1. Orders      –          Read Access
      2. Products  –          No Access
      3. Returns    –          Read Access and Write Access
      4. Settings   –          No Access
      5. Stock        –          No Access
    5. Confirm that you agree with the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
    6. Save the changes

      The following page appears, listing the API key of the integration.

    7. Use the 'Copy' button to copy the API key.

      You will need to copy the API Key value to your Return Robin portal to complete the integration.
    8. Log in to your retailer's account on the Return Robin platform.
    9. If the verification of your Return Robin account is still pending, your home page will look like the one below:

    10. Select Go to Settings
      • If 'Go to Settings' is unavailable, select Settings from the right-hand side of the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the Return Robin landing page.
    11. Navigate to Integrations > Set up Integration 
    12. Select Selazar
    13. Add the API Key that you copied earlier, and select Next Step
    14. Select the warehouse that will be used to receive your returns. This could be your Selazar warehouse or any other destination address you have added to the Return Robin portal.

    15. Select Finish to complete the integration.
    16. You will be given the option to connect right away or later. If you connect right away your page will look like this:

    Your integration can be connected and disconnected at any time by you.