How to integrate Return Robin with Selazar

How to integrate Return Robin with Selazar

Connecting Return Robin with your Selazar portal will make your Returns process as smooth and transparent as possible for both you and your end customers. 

Use the following steps to get integrated. Let's get started! 


1. Log in to your Selazar portal, go to “Integrations” and click “Manage Apps” 

2. Click “Set up App” and enter the following details: 

  • For name enter “Return Robin”  


For name enter “Return Robin” 

Please ensure Return Robin is given the correct application permissions (only those that need changes are mentioned): 

(a) Orders – Read Access 

(b) Products – No Access 

(c) Returns – Read Access and Write Access

(d) Settings – No Access 

(e) Stock – No Access 

Please note if you are also using Returns Processing, you will need to make sure the Returns Permission is Write Access.


3. After saving the app, make note of the API key for your Return Robin account.  

Connecting Return Robin to Selazar

4. Log into your Retailer account on the Return Robin platform  

5. Go to “Settings” and then “Integrations” 


6. Click “Set up integration” 

7. Select “Selazar”  


8. Enter the API Key that was generated on the Selazar portal  


9. Click Next Step and select the warehouse you would like your returns to go to. 




10. Once you have selected your warehouse of choice, click “Finish”.  

Your Selazar and Return Robin platforms are now successfully connected! 

You can view, edit or disconnect this connection in Return Robin by navigating to “Settings” then “Integrations” and select the integration you want to edit/disconnect.  

Hopefully you were successful in your integration. If you were, congratulations! Should you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at