How to create a bulk order

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How to create a bulk order

Remember to use the address book

How to create a bulk order

Selazar's core pick and pack process is designed for B2C orders where there are a handful of products to be picked and packed.

But if you need to send large amounts of stock to businesses rather than consumers, you can use our Bulk Order Wizard.  

This feature allows you to create orders with lots of products that you want sent to a single location.  You can choose your own product-to-box configuration or choose for us to do it for you.

Follow these six easy steps to create your first bulk order.

Please note: if you exit the wizard during the process your changes will not be saved.

At the left hand side main select Bulk Order.

Go to the Create tab and press Create Bulk Order.

Order Details

To begin, enter the Purchase Order Number associated with the Bulk Order.

Then enter the Recipient's Details, including the Recipient's Name, Company and Shipping Address. 

If you are shipping to a recipient that you have shipped before and you have saved them in your address book, you can select them directly from the address book to fill in the recipient's details in one click.

If the recipient is not already registered in your address book, select Add new recipient to start filling in their details.  

All address fields are mandatory with the exception of "Address Line 2".

Choose Save to Address Book for your newly entered recipient so their details are save for future use.

Once you have completed, click "Next Step" to proceed.

Bulk Order Options

From here, you can adjust how your shipment is made up.

You have 3 options in relation to how your order is split; manual, SKU or automatic.

Do you want to specify your own box split?

If you want complete control as to which products go into which boxes, select "Yes".

Does the bulk order boxes require separate SKUs?

Select "Yes" for this option if you want products to be boxed separately according to their SKU codes.

If you select "No" to both of the above, the box splits will be automatically determined by the system, according to best fit. This may result in SKUs being mixed in the box.

Does this order require shipping?

If you require your order to be shipped by a courier select "yes".

Alternatively, if you would like to collect the stock from the warehouse directly select "no".  To arrange this, please email

If you select “No” for shipping, you can then select whether you would like the products boxed. 


Select “Yes” if you would like the products boxed. 


Select “No” if you would like the products to not be boxed.  They will be placed loose on the wrapped pallet. 

Does this order require packaging?

If your products are not full stock boxes and full stock boxes that require packaging, select "Yes, packing is needed".

However, if your products do not require new Selazar boxes select "No, it's pre-packed".  By choosing this option, only products previously declared as "pre-packed" when uploaded to the platform will be available to select later in the wizard.

Select packing preference

Choose from bubble wrap, eco packaging or paper packaging.

Are there fragile items in this order?

Use this option to notify if there are any fragile products.

Once you have selected the relevant options, hit "Next Step".

Item Selection

Select which products to add to your order from your current stock.

Products are split by SKU, you can search by product name, recently added, alphabetically or by stock volume.

To add a product click "Add to Bulk Order Items" and enter the quantity required.

If you need to remove a product that you have already added, you can click the "Successfully Added" button and change the quantity amount to "0" (zero).  Then click "Add to Bulk Order Items" again and this will remove the product.

The "Bulk Order Items" button at the top left of your screen will display the total products added to your bulk order.  Click this button to view a breakdown of your order so far, you can also change quantities here.

The following page will appear where you can view the items included in the bulk order.

To return to your list of products, click "Return to Consignment Items".

Once you have added all your products, click "Next Step".


The next options will vary depending on what you selected in the Bulk Order Options section; manual, SKU or automatic. Skip to whichever option is relevant to you.

If you chose to specify your own box split manually

Enter how many boxes you want the products to be split into.  There is no limit, provided that the number is not larger than the total number of products ordered.  You can return to this screen to adjust this number at any time.

Next, decide how many of each product should go into each box.  The tally box on the right-hand side will display how many products have been assigned/remain unassigned to help you keep count.  You will not be able to progress past this stage until all of your products have been assigned.  You will also be notified if you assign too many products or leave a box empty.

Once you have entered your information click "Show Split Summary".  The platform will then work out if this request is possible dependent on the total weight, dimensions and full stock box availability of the requested products.

If you chose for products to be split by SKU

For this option, products are automatically split into separate boxes for different SKUs.  Products without SKU codes will also be split into different boxes.

If you chose for products to be split automatically

If you selected "no" to both split options on the Bulk Order Options section, the box split will be determined by the system. 

A summary of that split will not appear in this step.


You will now be prompted to select your choice of service time with your preferred couriers.  You can modify your preferred couriers under the "Preferences" tab on the left-hand side of the Selazar portal (not through the Bulk Order wizard directly).

If you need to modify your courier preferences during the creation of a bulk order do not exit the wizard or you will lose your changes.  Instead, open the Selazar portal in a different window and access the "Preferences" tab from there.

Please note: all packages will be shipped with the same courier and service time which may reduce results and not all couriers cater for all the listed service times.

Select your preferred option, then click "Find Shipping Options".

The results of your search will be displayed with a tick box to approve the option.

If a specific result can't be found for your preference, the system will propose an alternative, if available.  "No preference" will display the lowest cost alternative, whilst a specific preference will bring back the next fastest option if your requested preference is not available.

No shipping options found

If you receive a message saying that there are no shipping options available this could be for a number of reasons e.g. weight or dimension limitations, limited options within the preferences area, destination not supported, price band preferences, prohibited items, courier unavailability or service time restrictions.

If this occurs, please call our customer service team on 020 3950 7860.

Alternatively, you can return to a previous step and modify the box splits in an attempt to retrieve successful shipping results.

Shipping not required

If you have chosen to ship the item yourself, you will see the following message.


This is the final step before submission of your order.

To finalise click "Confirm and Process Bulk Order".  You will then receive the following confirmation.

You will then be able to track the progress of your bulk order as you would a normal order, albeit in the "Bulk Order" tab.

You can cancel a pending order provided that the order has not been fulfilled by the warehouse staff.

If you have any problems with this feature please get in touch with our technical support team on 020 3950 7860.