How to build a bundle

How to build a bundle

Our bundle feature allows you to select and group complimentary products on the platform to easily create your very own custom bundles to match what's on your store.

Creating your bundle

To create a new bundle, select Products > Bundles

Select "Create Bundle" to begin.

Enter your bundle name and Bundle SKU, you will need to create a unique Bundle SKU when you first enter this new bundle onto the platform.  When the bundle is being picked and packed, our system will automatically group the bundle products when an order is processed using this new Bundle SKU.  Please note, you will still be billed for picking each item to create the bundle.

You can also add a description and price but these are optional.  Once you have entered this information, click "Next Step".

You will then be presented with a page displaying your products.  From this, you can select which products that you would like to add to your bundle, as well as the quantity of each product that you want to include in each bundle.  By way of example, 3 separate products are selected below, with 1 of each so there would be 3 products in total in each bundle.  Once you have completed your selection, click "Next Step".  

Finally, you will be directed to a summary page containing an overview of your bundle as well as information on each of the products you have included.  

Once you are happy with your selection, click "Confirm and Create bundle".  You will then see a confirmation message.

You can check your bundle stock levels on the Bundle listings page.  We use the product in the bundle with the lowest stock level to calculate this.

Amending or deleting an existing bundle

To amend an existing bundle, select the desired bundle from the bundles list.  At the bottom of the bundle summary, you will see the option to "Edit Product Selection".   

From here, you can add or remove products from the bundle, as well as change the quantity in each.  You will be able to see the total number of products in the "Bundle Items" box at the top right hand side.

You can also delete the bundle from here, simply select "Delete Bundle" where you will be prompted to confirm.

If you would like any help using this feature or have any questions please get in touch with