How invoices are calculated

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How we calculate invoices

View and filter invoices

Invoice types


Stock processing

Stock replenishment

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How we calculate invoices

View and Filter Invoices

All current and previous invoices can be found under the "Invoicing" tab on your Selazar portal.

A Summary of each invoice is displayed on this screen.  Showing:

  • Date of the Invoice
  • Invoice Type 
  • Total Cost Incurred

A detailed breakdown of the invoice can be viewed by clicking the "View Invoice" button on a selected invoice.

Invoice types can be selected between using the drop-down menu at the top right and clicking the "Apply filter" button.

If you wish to view all types again either, select "Please Select..." from the drop-down menu and click the "Apply filter" button or simply click the "Clear filter" option next to it.

If you know the specific Payment Reference Number of the invoice, this can be entered into the search box in the top left to find it directly.

If you are looking for invoices within certain date parameters, these can be selected from the two date boxes at the top of the screen.

To return to viewing all invoices, press the "Clear filter" option in the top right.

Invoice Types

There are 6 types of Selazar Invoice, these are:


Cost incurred for the fulfilment of orders, this include Picking, Packing, Packaging, and Delivery.

  • Picking - Finding and acquiring the correct product from the shelf. 
    • This has a cost of 44p per item as a maximum, the equivalent of 1 minute of labour.
  • Packing - The labour cost of packaging, i.e. placing the product into shipping boxes.
    • 0-5 units capped at 2 minutes - 88p per order
    • 6-10 units capped at 3 minutes - £1.32 per order
    • 11-15 units capped at 4 minutes - £1.76 per order
    • 16-20 units capped at 5 minutes - £2.20 per order
  • Packaging - The physical cost of boxes, bags or other materials used to pack the order.
    • For full information on our packaging prices visit Selazar packaging options and sizes .
    • If you are using Custom Packaging, a flat fee of 7p per custom mailing bag / 20p per custom box parcel is applied.  Additional time may be added depending on order complexity using our Packaging Points system.
  • Delivery cost - Transport cost from the warehouse to customer's home.
    • For price estimates, please request Selazar courier rates from our customer service team.  Cost is dependent on package sizes, weight and distance to travel.

Orders are billed daily at 11pm.

Stock Processing

Cost incurred for stock being received and sorted into the correct locations at the warehouse.

  • The cost of stock processing is 40p per minute.

Stock processing is billed daily at 11pm.

Stock Replenishment

Cost incurred when stock has run out on shelves and must be replenished from your pallet.

  • The cost of stock replenishment is 40p per minute.

Stock Replenishment is billed daily at 11pm.

Stock Holding

Cost of holding all items at the warehouse.

  • 5p per day for pick and pack shelf storage chargeable as 35p per week
  • £2.50 per standard pallet per week
  • £6.00 per pick from pallet storage per week

Stock holding is billed every Monday at 11pm (covers previous week).

Additional Services

Labour for additional services such as kitting is billed at £25.00 per hour.


Cost incurred for handling and delivery of any products sent back by a Customer.

  • Cost of the return and delivery from your customer, as well as the processing and replenishment of returned product.

Returns are billed if and when a customer returns a product .

All invoices are subject to 3% administration fees & VAT (20%*).  (VAT* not charged on deliveries outside of the EU).