How Do I Explain Return Robin To My Customers?

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What is Return Robin?

Who can use the Return Robin customer portal?

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What is Return Robin?

Return Robin, is a ready-to-use returns solution for retailers to share with their customers. We've cleverly optimised the returns process for customers to register, return and track their items in a hassle-free, mobile-friendly way. 

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The layout and design has been created to make the steps for returning items, simple and easy to follow, allowing customers to feel confident about making returns as often as they need to.


Customers love choice, flexibility, and control, which is exactly what they get when using Return Robin. The multiple returns options are editable to suit the changing needs of the customer.

The Return Robin customer portal allows customers to track their return(s) as it moves through the process, from initially creating a return, until it reaches our fulfilment centre, reducing the time spent supporting the customer with order statuses and updates.

screen1As a Return Robin Retailer, you will be fully supported in understanding all the steps a customer has to complete to create a return. You'll be fully onboarded not only on the customer portal, but also on the retailer portal as well. You'll have full visibility of all returns being made from your own retailer portal. 

We've created an easy-to-use return portal that helps retailers worry less about return logistics and focus more on growing their business. We've tackled the tough problems associated with managing returns, making Return Robin a smart operating solution. We believe the post-purchase experience is an important brand loyalty and customer retention strategy, and Return Robin ensures this relationship is maintained.   

Who can use the Return Robin customer portal?

Anyone in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - Simply register as a retailer to start using Return Robin and learn how it can empower your business, providing a seamless returns service for your customers.

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We understand retailers need to guide and support their customers when making returns - we designed a specific directory, especially for customers. 

Customer support documentation

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