Customer Returns

Customer Returns

Any returns your customers make can be viewed in the “Returns” section of the portal. Here you will be able to see all details associated with a return.  


Easy options for searching and filtering are provided so you can find specific customer returns at your convenience. 

A detailed overview of the return can be viewed by clicking the “Order Number" on the return you would like to view. 


Cancelling Customer Returns 

If there is a reason you may need to cancel a customer return, this can be done by selecting the return you would like to cancel and clicking the “Cancel Return” button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to cancel a customer’s return two days before the scheduled collection date. 

Please be aware that cancelling a customer return means the collection that your customer scheduled with Return Robin will not go ahead. 




Return Robin Score

When a customer signs up to Return Robin, they are given a Return Robin Score. This score represents their history of using Return Robin. The higher the score the better, as this tells you that they are a good candidate to be using Return Robin. 

Customers gain points when their return parcel is collected successfully. They also gain points every 28 days by just being an active Return Robin customer.  

Customers will lose points when there is a failed collection i.e., the courier attempted to collect the return parcel but was unable to do so. If a customer's score goes below 30, they will no longer be able to use our return service until their score increases again.