Additional Services

Additional Services

We offer a range of additional services to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible.  


Stocktaking is a vital part of inventory control. 

Our software enables you to easily track your product levels, but it might not highlight a discrepancy from your supplier.  We accept goods into the warehouse based on the inventory information provided by each supplier.

We can offer manual stocktaking services which are charged at £25/hr which can be provided for a specific inbound consignment or your inventory as a whole.  To request a manual stock take, please contact our Customer Service team.

CSV Uploads

Need a hand with CSV uploads? We can help.

Firstly, if you want more insight into how to complete this process, helpful guidance can be found in How to format and upload order CSVs .  If you are having issues, you can also check out How to fix common CSV errors .

Perhaps, you would like assistance with this process entirely.  We offer a CSV Upload service where a member of our team can upload any or all of your CSV(s), as required.

CSV uploads are charged at £10 per CSV (up to 5 rows, with £1.50 per each additional row).  To arrange a CSV upload, please contact our Customer Service team who are also able to assist with any issues you may be experiencing.


If you simply want to group some of your current products together, you can do so using our bundling feature.

Our bundle feature allows you to select and group complimentary products on the platform to easily create your very own custom bundles to match what's on your store.

What if I want something more specific?  Perhaps, you want certain products to be packed in a gift box with custom tissue paper and a bow; this is where our kitting service comes in.

We can assemble tailored packages to meet your requirements which are then added to your inventory as a single product. That way, when your customer places an order, all the hard work is already done.

All kitting is charged at £25/hr.  To request kitting, please contact our Customer Service team.


Your supplier doesn't add labels?  No problem.

We offer full labelling / re-labelling services charged at £0.12 per label.  Please notify us of your labelling requirements by contacting our Customer Service team.